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the providore

With the balance to the power play, a slight of debt or on the spot, one would want to keep up with the ego balance.

As with the broads intent to express as of a picture and impress with intricate interiors, and the blokes with the scruff or dapper and marathonism or calculated movements. The black as though here, before, now and after. The white more the water to an electric that weren't a hydro electric, edging towards the fire exit.

Either way, without respect for ones professionalism, its strength to the sense of self. Grin and bear it, knowing to not over accentuate. Its the balance to refusing to be aware of it.

Sifting the soil as of something encyclical, at the same time with the hoe knowing its nothing grown into. Backing off the complaints with the sharpshooter on the tart for dessert, knowing the action is nothing sweet - not so much miscreating as living lively. Gender bias? No. Both genders.

Capito, consigliore and the courthouse beer garden.
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The Weight

Every picture has a page,
And the landscape its own language.

Like wind to a wave,
Desert dust to the horizon,
Water to the whale,
Landscape to a portrait,
Every reader has a ride.
To simply communicate,
Share and relate,
Same wavelength or same place.

Banded like wild horses,
With width that kicks in like butterfly wings.
Abruptly hit by stones,
As to back down as if a backbone,
With nothing substantial for tint or tone.
A mind to listen, a heart for allowance,
A gut instinct about,
As to agree with, let live or simply don't doubt.

A nod to the common thread,
Collective consciousness and awareness
Of the heard and said.
Existentially speaking in characters,
Professionally to and for the same.
Decommodified dadaist,
On the other side of surreal and sane.

Dislocated, not given to association or simply partied up till atrophied,
Take a light to the dynasties, heirarchies and coalitions,
That will or won't let fly.

And maintain your margin,
Stay defined and in time.

Alive and awake,
Just don't forget the daily grind.
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The Masada theory

Every so often, one may find themselves caught up in an inner circle of a certain culture that utilises a clandestine methodology to penetrate a belief and set of values further within what one might call society today.

To have had these values scaled through the mind, as if studying at the University of Cliffhangers, and continue the cycle of disagreement and induction, one may soon ponder the concept of fidelity as if of realism as an artform.

And you know fully well when your card gets pulled. To have gone through high school with a certain guidance reminding to not go out at 17 like King Tutankhamen, or to have a certain bound of marriage with the thought in the back of the mind to not go out like Caesar undercut by Antony and Cleopatra, or to not land yourself the Jesus tag in celebrity heads with a Masadan fortress of Judas' eyeing you out.

Out of the woodwork comes an improvised lot of walkyaline lawyers and karmafying accountants to consider what is for writing on and what is to be written off. To consider, beyond the artform, what will channel a river to permeate from realism to reality. With the bonds of rocks providing bounds for the channel, and binds to keep the inspired pages more as a book than something loose leaf and windswept.

To have found oneself in the pre-emptive position of a lengthy artwork currently untinted by the light of day, one may need to consider the fluidity within the wave your riding and the banded you're loyal to.

As if a wavelength and bandwidth with which to be a people person, responsive and responsible, before a severance occurs that will leave one a loose wheel - assumed impoverished although more likely glad to be riding the wireless re-out. Party up as one will.

And to consider as such the positive sentiment offset against the unwound bonds of sediment, and the juice flow for input within a sub set demanding intuition, one may find themself back to clearing the blame game and maintaining a regard for the existential realism that keeps a system upheld in the first place.

If only to exist, and as a minimum keep on as you already were.
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Sharpen up and keep up

Pack light when flying.

As much of food for the mind it can be from the sources of inspiration, sharing your own feast is a point to note when fuelling up the cognition for the day

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A work ethic

To find oneself with a sprawling distance between their own expectations and the reality of the resources and skills provided is to consider a way towards what at least seems like a forward direction.

To pave your own path, you've gotta either stir or shake yourself into getting down to the consistent and solid effort. The shake up is something more apparent to edge towards, and harvesters in the economy of self respect may play the naysayers narcissism and call it overreaching, while the stir is to simply upkeep and maintain

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The University of Creative Intelligence

Packing up and setting out into the world, one will find themselves grounded with a sense of intuition to coincide with the motive and drive for direction.

Having spent a fair amount of time in the name of leisure and putting one's feet up, I have forgone the prospect of being downright lazy to map out the layer of intellegence, above the mental and emotional, with which I've found myself becoming more aware of since. I've decided to break it down into seven elements

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Emotive Realities

Over the golf course of sensitivity and little people we can find a definition of height that has gravity to throw. Call it the upper class rift, maybe something more amoral and ambitious like inducing selfless behaviour for the maintenance of one's dignity, maybe even frowning down upon to let the light of purpose know to expect tough love when times get tough.

To find oneself left to toughen up without realising there were reason to in the first place, one might find their reality inversed with the sentiment of having been kept below ground without having noticed one was without light in the first place. Being Quasimodo without knowing a few holes down and you were gonna be asked to straighten up and aim higher

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Backpacking Cowboy Banter

As the lights dim, the beer garden finds itself empty aside from two rowdy heavy accent thin build travellers.

“Dave, honestly she won’t get knocked up from it. The church organs got out of tune from the repercussion

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Like cynics being told to toughen up

I recently came across a very thought provoking definition of dogma, whereby when you strip away the religious and socio-political stance, it can simply be defined as a collective conceptual prison. Whereby the boundaries you live with and the behaviour you live by are only unbreakable as a creature of habit, and punishable as if upheld by fellow loyalists who failed to realise its all in their heads.

When you aren't following the social codes of the group, you may find yourself ostrasised. In the event your actions are seen as something so henius you aren't welcome back, you could call it a social execution

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Inspiration - shared or just sharing

You've gotta love it when you come across others with a similar pursuit and focused on the same goal from. You can only expect to share the inspiration, yet for it to be reciprocal is something priceless.

To inspire and be inspired usually involves a third party somewhere along the train lines of the mind. A reference will be made to someone elsewhere, and the suggestion is received as a passing undercurrent

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